Plötulopi - Nr. 0005 - black heather

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Icelandic wool Plötulopi in colour 0005 - black heather Plötulopi is an unspun... more
Product information "Plötulopi - Nr. 0005 - black heather"

Icelandic wool Plötulopi in colour 0005 - black heather

Plötulopi is an unspun yarn, that is normally knitted with two or three threads at once, depending on the thickness of the sweater. Two threads approx. result in Lettlopi, three threads in Lopi.
Since Plötulopi is an unspun yarn, it is fragile to knit. However, due to the length of its fibres it can be "knitted together" again if the yarn breaks. We recommend this yarn for experienced knitter, who knit more loosely.

100% icelandic pure new wool
100g unspun yarn, sold as a one-ply, flat roll, called a "plate"
Yardage approx. 300 m

Please note:
We tried to illustrate the colours as exactely as possible. But on a website this colour representation is quite difficult and depends on many factors. Therefore the shade can slightly differ from the original.

Lopi yarn is woven from the wool of the islandic sheep, a globally unique breed that lives in Iceland for over 1000 years and has adapted to the subpolar climate of the island.
The icelandic wool is unique in its quality. It consists of two types: the long outer fibres, on which the rain rolls off and the fine soft, well-insulating inner fibres. Both of them are processed into the original icelandic wool and create a yarn that is lightweight, efficient in its usage, wonderful warming and water-repellent. The garments are pleasantly comfortable to wear. Icelandic wool has natural thermo-regulating characteristics and is a renewable resource.
Lopi is offered in different thread sizes, so you can knit thicker outdoor sweaters as well as thinner knitwear and lace scarves.

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